College Readiness

YES Prep is a commitment to academic and social development. Our students’ time is designed to ensure that every student who graduates YES Prep is prepared to pursue and complete a college degree or a rigorous post-secondary opportunity most aligned to their needs.  

Every student who graduates from YES Prep should be prepared to lead a choice-filled life and should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to be a productive and contributing member of their community.  

Robust and comprehensive college counseling is a central component of the YES Prep College Initiatives program. We do this work to ensure students are Accepted, Matriculate and Persist (AMP) through college by exposing students to the five pillars of our College Initiatives programming—College Advising, Seminar, Student Opportunities, Alumni Support and College Partnerships.  

College Advising

College Counselors meet one-on-one with students to guide them toward colleges that match their career aspirations, have strong support programs, and are financially affordable. Our counselors work with families to help them understand financial aid award letters and determine which college are most affordable.  

Students gain exposure to many different colleges through tours through fly-in programs with our IMPACT schools, and visits to YES Prep’s College Fair. College visits or tours that fall during the school day and not coordinated by YES Prep must have prior approval and authorization from a campus-based college counseling staff member to be considered for an excused absence. 

College Seminar

Our College Prep Seminar classes offer support with career exploration, identity exploration, academic readiness, and college application guidance and support. Seminar courses are offered in 9th-12th grade. In these courses, students begin to develop their college-going identity, practice skills that will lead to college success, and complete parts of the college applications.  

During Junior year, students receive a SAT or ACT test prep class that is delivered as part of their Junior seminar course.

Student Opportunities

Our college counselors match students with summer programs that meet their interests and long-range goals, including academic courses at universities, outdoor leadership excursions, or study abroad experiences. 

Last year YES Prep Students participated in a variety of student opportunities, locally, nationally, and internationally.  Student last year students were accepted to student opportunities provided by:

  • National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y)
  • National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)
  • ACE Mentor Program (Architecture | Construction | Engineering)
  • Amigos de las Américas
  • Baylor College of Medicine, Saturday Morning Science
  • YMCA of Greater Houston
  • Lycoming College Prep Program
  • High Mountain Institute
  • School for Ethical Global Leadership