Clubs & Organizations

YES Prep Northbrook Middle School students may participate in extracurriculars and events provided by Northbrook Middle School. This means that appropriate behavior for these activities can be found in the Northbrook Middle School Handbook, including UIL and Northbrook Middle School academic expectations. However, YES Prep students will be held to additional standards and may receive additional disciplinary consequences if not living up to the school’s values. Students on academic support maybe subject to restrictions based on their academic performance, including, but not limited to, required tutorials or removal from athletic teams.

Any student participating in Northbrook extracurriculars should report to designated area (i.e. band room, locker room, field) by 4:05 pm. Failure to meet this expectation will result in disciplinary action.

Students are not allowed to stay after school unless they have teacher approval or are staying for a school-sponsored activity. All students must be off campus after the end of the academic day unless prior permission to remain on campus after this time has been granted by a YES Prep Public Schools staff member who will remain with the student until they are picked up.  Northbrook Administration has the decision-making rights to ask a student to leave an event, if they are not following behavior expectations.