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**YES Prep NMS Students DO have school. SBISD does not. 

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Common Assessment Tests

Common Assessment Tests

Common Assessment Tests

Common Assessment Tests






Tik Tok Trends at School

our child’s success at school is the reason I come to work every day. That is why I want to partner with you to get ahead of some behaviors that have the potential to place kids and teachers in danger at school. There are some trends going on among young people that concern us personally on behalf of your student. We have already seen some of these behaviors in action. As the parent of a child with a disability, you may have noticed that your child already has a harder time in school. Acting on these trends, or even seeing someone else do them and saying nothing, can damage a child’s relationship with teachers, with school property, create an unsafe place to learn, and make kids feel less successful and motivated. Please read below and talk openly and honestly with your kids about these trends. If you have any ideas about how we can bond together to head this off and prevent harm from taking place, please tell. I am in the work of parenting with you and your child’s success is my top priority.

Harmful TikTok Trends at School

TikTok is an online app that allows users to post short videos of various activities. Anyone who has access to the internet can download and use this app. Recently, videos have may be promoting harmful behavior at school, such as "Devious Licks." Students who participated in the "Devious Licks" trend have vandalized and/or stolen school property. News has been circulating that more harmful trends will be promoted monthly. You can see the list below.

Please talk to your children about these or any other harmful trends or any actions that go against our YES Prep behavior and community expectation and encourage them to NOT participate in them. We share this reminder as it has been brought to our attention that students have engaged in some of these harmful and inappropriate behaviors.

YES Prep students are expected to behave in a manner that promotes care for all individuals, contributes to a safe environment for students, and provides an educational environment free of disruption. Please remember that all students are expected to adhere to the school expectations and YES Prep Student Handbook. Any students who are not adhering to these expectations outlined in the YES Prep Student Handbook will be held to the consequences outlined in the Code of Conduct. The school may call authorities depending on the level of the misconduct.

Thank you so much for your assistance! We appreciate your partnership as we work to help students understand how their actions impact other people. We know that with your support, our students will continue to grow and become more successful. For additional recommendations, please review the tips below.

Recommendations for Families:

  • Talk with your child about caring and protecting the school community and avoiding any participation in harmful behaviors.
  • Monitor and review your child's messages, internet history, or other activities
  • Report any harmful activity at school

Student Handbook and Code of Conduct - YES Prep Public Schools

6th Grade Accelerated Learning Committee Virtual Meeting

The parents of any 6th grader who Did Not Meet standard or who is missing data from last year's STAAR test is required to attend the Accelerated Learning Committee virtual meeting next Wednesday October 6th at 5:00pm.  Parents received an email and a letter home this week.  The link to the call will be share on Monday via Schoology, Cardstock, and email.  If you have questions, please email Hope Martinez, hope.martinez@yesprep.org 

8th Grade Tutorials

8th grade students who received the mandatory tutorials slips will begin their tutorials next week starting Monday October 4th for students who attend Reading tutorials.  And the first Saturday is on October 9th.  If you have questions, please email our Director of Academics, Hope Martinez at hope.martinez@yesprep.org. 

Common Assessment Tests

During the week of October 12-14th, your students will participate in YES Prep Common Assessment. Students and teachers have been focused on preparing for their exams in their classes. We would now like to ask for your help in preparing students for exams. Here is how you can help:

  • Please ensure students are in attendance every day! Students will begin reviewing in the coming weeks, and the week of the test, they will test Tuesday through Thursday.

  • Make sure students get a good night of sleep so they can attend exams rested and ready.

Thank you for all your support! If you have any questions, please email our Director of Academics, Hope Martinez, at hope.martinez@yesprep.org.



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