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Mon. 5/16 Tue. 5/17 Wed. 5/18 Thur. 5/19 Fri. 5/20

Math STAAR Grade 


Reading STAAR Grade 6-8

 Science STAAR

8th Grade

Social Studies STAAR

8th Grade

STAAR Makeup testing for any students who were absent

  Performing Arts Field Trip


Mon. 5/23 Tue. 5/24 Wed. 5/25 Thur. 5/26 Fri. 5/27

Grade level Field Trips

6th: ITz

7th: Main Event

8th: Kemah

Early Dismissal @ 12:30

Senior Signing Day @ Toyota Center

8th Grade attending

Early Dismissal @ 12:30

Laptop Collection Day: All students must turn in their laptops.

**Last Day of School

Early Dismissal for 8th grade ONLY

8th Grade Graduation @ Northbrook HS

6-7 PM



STAAR Testing Week of 5/16-5/18

Next week all students will take the STAAR test.

Students will not be allowed to leave early as to minimize any disruptions to the testing environment. Also, we will not be allowing lunch drop offs or deliveries to reduce interuptions. . 

We appreciate your support in this as we seek to provide a quiet and orderly testing environment for our students. 

Students computers for testing

Parents, please make sure your student brings their computer charged and ready for testing each day next week. We have limited computers on campus for students to borrow if they leave their computers at home. 

6th Grade Announcement:

6th Grade students will go on a field trip to iT'Z on May 23rd, where they can ride different attractions and play video games. For the students to go, they should bring back a signed permission slip and $5. The permission slip was due on Thursday, May 12th but we will still accept them on Monday, May 16th. The $5 dollars are due on Friday, May 20th. If parents are unable to pay the $5 please reach out to Mr. Perez.


8th Grade Announcements:

This week we gave all 8th graders a flyer with information about Graduation happening May 27th. Please register using the QR code below.

Next Friday, May 20th, 8th graders are allowed to come to school dressed up for their pictures in the Graduation Program. Outfits must be school appropriate and they will be allowed to change before or after the picture.

Also, thank you to all the parents that volunteered to be chaperones for our trip to Kemah. Unfortunately, we had to make a change to our trip and will no longer need any parent chaperones.

End of Semester 2

Semester 2 tutorials have ended for all grades and all days. Thank you for your support in making our tutorials program a success this year! 

Preparing for STAAR

The week of May 16th, all students will take the STAAR exams for their grade level.  Below is the schedule for each day and some tips to help your students arrive as ready as possible!

·       Monday May 16th: Math STAAR Grades 6-8

·       Tuesday May 17th: Reading STAAR Grades 6-8

·       Wednesday May 18th: Science STAAR Grade 8

·       Thursday May 19th: Social Studies STAAR Grade 8

·       Friday May 20th: Make up testing

STAAR Reminders:

·       Students should arrive on campus no later than 8am each day.

·       After testing, students may read a book or sit silently.  Our campus library is already closed for the year, so please encourage your student to bring a book from home or to bring a book from the local library!


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