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Mon. 5/23 Tue. 5/24 Wed. 5/25 Thur. 5/26 Fri. 5/27

Grade level Field Trips

6th: ITz

7th: Main Event

8th: Kemah

Computer Collection:

Bring laptop & chargers to turn in. 

Early Dismissal @ 12:30

Senior Signing Day @ Toyota Center

8th Grade attending

Computer Collection:

Bring laptop & chargers to turn in. 

Early Dismissal @ 12:30

Laptop Collection Day: All students must turn in their laptops.

**Last Day of School

8th Grade Graduation @ Northbrook HS

6-7 PM



Computer Collection 5/24 & 5/26

Students will turn in their computers next week. All students must bring their computer and charger ready to turn in.

8th Grade Families:

  • Kemah Trip: If your student is going on the Kemah trip, they should be dressed to be outside all day. They should bring a water bottle and put on sunblock. They can bring phones and spending money but it is their responsibility.
  • Class on Friday 5/27- 8th Graders will be dismissed from school early at 12:30 pm. Please arrange for your student to have transportation at that time. Buses will not be running at that time.
  • Graduation: TIME CHANGE- Doors will open at 5:15pm. All Students should be at the theatre at Northbrook High School by 5:30 pm so that we can start the program on time.

If you have any questions please email Ms. Gutierrez rosa.gutierrez@yesprep.org

6th & 7th Grade Field Trips

If you child is attending a field trip with their grade level, please be on campus no later than 8:00am. This will support us to take attendance and get buses loaded quickly.

If you child is not attending the grade level field trip, they will be on campus completing reflection assignments and cleaning our building


Last Week of School Behavior

The last week of school is an exciting time as teacher and students celebrate all the hard work from this school year. However, sometimes that excitement encourages us to make wrong choices that lead to consequences. When students violate of code of conduct on the last week of school one action that we may take is having parent pick them up from school. We make this decision because there are many programs happening and we want to make sure those events are not distracted or limited by bad behavior. To support this from happening with your child, parents please do the following:

  1. Make sure students are not brining equipment or toys to school that are out of our policy (i.e Water guns or balloons)
  2. Talk to students about making good choices this last week of school to encourage good behavior
  3. Reach out to the school if you have question or concerns


Summer Programming

Next week we will have the final numbers for summer programing. If you child needs to attend summer programming, you will receive communication by May 27, 2022. Please read this letter about initial communication shared about summer programming. If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Gregory at Kierra.Gregory@yesprep.org or call 713-215-4200




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