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Mon. 12/5 Tue. 12/6 Wed. 12/7 Thur. 12/8 Fri. 12/9



Mon. 12/12 Tue. 12/13 Wed. 12/14 Thur. 12/15 Fri. 12/16
  Winter Wonderland 5:30-7:30 pm Early Dismissal @ 12:30 Early Dismissal @ 12:30

Holiday - No School for Students

  • Tue. Dec. 13th - Winter Wonderland @ 5:30-7:30
  • Wed. Dec. 14th - Early Dismissal @ 12:30
  • Thur. Dec. 15th - Early Dismissal @ 12:30
  • Fri. Dec. 16th - Holiday No School for students


Goodwill Donation after 12/15

This is a friendly reminder that we have over 25 hoodies that have been confiscated this year and not picked up. If you have a student that hoodie was confiscated, please have them pick them up during lunch before 12/15. Hoodies left on campus after this date will be send to Goodwill as a donation.

Special Gifts from Secret Staff Members

Hello YES Prep NMS families, this is Ms. Beck-Lee the student support counselor and we are so excited to celebrate the holidays here at Northbrook!

I'm happy to share that there is an opportunity for students to receive a special gift from a secret staff member. If you would like more information please reach out to Ms. Beck-Lee at bobbi.becklee@yesprep.org.

On Thursday, December 2nd as a whole campus, we celebrated all of our students that earned Perfect Attendance with Shipley's Donuts and Juice. Woohoo! Due to the cancelation of the first two days after break, we had to postpone our Honor Roll Celebration to Friday, December 9th. Below are the logistics of so that you can support use with getting your students excited!

Honor Roll Celebration (Kona Ice)

To end the day, students who earned Honor Roll will enjoy a Kona Ice during the end of 6th period and during 7th period. To help with flow, we will have a staggered release for each grade level. Students will have a wristband they receive the day before with their name and time to release. If a student doesn’t have a wrist band, they do not get to participate. Please ensure that your student has their wristband and is prepared to be celebrated!







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  • Family Notes

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