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2 Weeks At a Glance

Mon. 10/18

Tue. 10/19

Wed. 10/20

Thur. 10/21

Fri. 10/22



Early Dismissal @ 12:30

Report Cards Distributed


Mon. 10/25

Tue. 10/26

Wed. 10/27

Thur. 10/28

Fri. 10/29












Early Dismissal 10/20/21

Wednesday, October 20th will be an early dismissal day at 12:30 pm for students. Students who are car riders must be picked up no later than 12:45 pm. as staff will be participating in professional development sessions in the afternoon. 


Arrival & Dismissal Times

As we communicated last week, we have begun implementing a new system for arrival and  pick up. In order to keep our students safe, students who arrive before 7:35 am will receive a demerit and families will be contacted to ensure students are not being dropped off at school before 7:35 am. 

Report Cards

All students will receive their 1st report card during advisory on Thursday, October 21st. Please look over it and discuss your child's grades together. 



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