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2 Weeks At a Glance

Mon. 10/11

Tue. 10/12

Wed. 10/13

Thur. 10/14

Fri. 10/15

Student/Staff Holiday

No School

Common Assessment Tests

Common Assessment Tests

Common Assessment Tests

Staff Development

No School for YES Prep Students. 

Mon. 10/18

Tue. 10/19

Wed. 10/20

Thur. 10/21

Fri. 10/22

    Early Dismissal @ 12:30  











Because of the shooting at YES Prep Southwest, last Friday was a really scary day. The incident was shocking, and our hearts go out to the students, families, and staff who experienced such terror. I am so grateful that there were no life-threatening injuries. Before coming to Northbrook, I was the principal at the Southwest campus, and I'm still close with many people there--including the current principal, Eric Espinoza, who was the staff member who was injured. After school on Friday, I drove to the med center and saw Mr. Espinoza as he was released from the hospital. Seeing him walking around in good spirits and being able to give him a hug was good for my soul. Considering how shaken up students here at Northbrook have felt because of the shooting, I hope that they have felt supported by the staff here this week. On Tuesday morning, all students had the opportunity to share how they were feeling, ask questions, and request support. I spoke with a group of 8th graders, and their maturity and empathy really impressed me. One thing I shared with them is that I'm thankful that our school building is as safe as it is. It's like a fortress. I feel safe at Northbrook, and I hope that your children do, too. The whole situation got me thinking about safety in general and what we can do to make Northbrook even safer. Our front office procedures are solid; however, early mornings and late afternoons are problematic.

Arrival Reminder:

Parents, I need your help in making the school safer during those times. There is no one on duty before 7:35 or after 4:15. Students who are here before those times are unsupervised and not safe. Thus, we're taking steps to make sure that students are not here before 7:35 or after 4:15. Students who are here before 7:35 or after 4:15 will be at-risk for earning demerits. Over time, these demerits could add up and result in lunch detention or after-school detention. Parents who drop off and pick up kids: please do not do so before 7:35 or after 4:15. If you have extenuating circumstances that you need to talk with us about, please reach out to our director of campus operations, Kenia Lopez, at kenia.lopez@yesprep.org. We'll do our best to help figure out a solution, but we need to talk about it. Thanks so much for your cooperation with this matter. Together, we can help ensure that all Northbrook Middle students are safe all day every day

Common Assessment Tests

During the week of October 12-14th, your students will participate in YES Prep Common Assessment. Students and teachers have been focused on preparing for their exams in their classes. We would now like to ask for your help in preparing students for exams. Here is how you can help:

  • Please ensure students are in attendance every day! Students will begin reviewing in the coming weeks, and the week of the test, they will test Tuesday through Thursday.

  • Make sure students get a good night of sleep so they can attend exams rested and ready.

Thank you for all your support! If you have any questions, please email our Director of Academics, Hope Martinez, at hope.martinez@yesprep.org.



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